Welcome to HBC Services, Inc.

HBC Services, Inc. is a nationwide account receivables management, company headquartered in Riverdale, Georgia. Based largely on a customer service approach to responsible parties in all of its communications, HBC succeeds in collecting more dollars than any other competitor.  HBC’s efforts are focused on the clients’ needs in the never ending pursuit of achieving the highest level of recovery performance.  With over ten years of acquired debt collection experience, HBC has developed a reputation for generating high returns with minimal complaints thus allowing for maximized recovery efforts while protecting the reputation of the clients.  Our mission is to become the most efficient debt collection organization in the country.  HBC applies principles of compassion and understanding while steadfastly working every account to its logical solution.  Combining our nationwide resources with our committed staff of professionals with experience in all aspects of debt collection is a critical component to this mission. HBC manages receivables on a first- or third-party basis. 

The tailored solutions include:

  • Early Out Collection Programs

  • Pre-charge off collections

  • Free demand letters

  • Skip Tracing/Asset Location

  • Standard Collections

Our knowledgeable and highly trained, professional staff strive to deliver superior service and results while providing our clients with effective management of their account receivables.  We share mutual goals when handling our clients’ account receivables and only receive payment when our clients have been compensated.  As the economic downturn conditions become more difficult, it will be even more critical for businesses to manage their account receivables effectively. 

HBC believes strongly in its motto “Mediation, Not Confrontation,” and is reflected in a professional manner, telephone etiquette, and ability in getting issues resolved.  HBC has positioned itself in the debt collection market and is successful in producing the desired result.  We are effectively growing our business through referrals and purchased portfolios, while staying committed to the needs of our clients.

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